[fonosfera] Fwd: the end of our old "foneras"?

Steven Leeman steven.leeman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 06:36:20 UTC 2014

linksys and fonera 2100/2200 are not supported any more
the others including 2.0n have a new captive portal which allows friend or
foe 30' min free access if they allow fon access to their facebook profile.
i hear no one could login as a family or friend anymore....support doesnt
want to answer this but marketing didnt want to tell it eather if its a bug
or not... i had to give wpa key to students.... will have to shop for a new
device that offers guest access
Op 5-dec.-2014 01:11 schreef "Luis Hernández" <luish at selfbite.com>:

> Hi all,
> Did you receive this email?
> https://sendy.fontools.com/w/aplM3c1cHa6C6KJXWC5y8w/uh2H763jrMzrcczVBBDRG5Dg/EaOx1zHxJSOVKYFeSyW37w
> What are they going to do? switching off our foneras? Will it affect only
> "fon" features or will they "brick'em"?
> thanks
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