[fonosfera] Fon-ng 2.0n build opensuse 11.4 64 bit

Matthijs Kooijman matthijs at stdin.nl
Mon Oct 24 09:59:24 UTC 2011

Hi Simon,

> 1) Quilt moans about the patch version, think I had to do this on
> Debian Squeeze as well.
Hmm, I don't remember seeing this before. Is this a fatal moan, or just
something that scrolls by?

> Newer Openwrt have patches for this, so I wrote a patch based on the
> one in backfire to allow quilt to use the patch version I am using. I
> have attached the patch (no idea why I called it 100-patch-2.6.1.patch
> but I have), needs to be placed in openwrt/tools/quilt/patches (note
> the directory does not exist).
The patch itself looks sensible, thanks for digging into this. However,
I can't find any indication in the patch sources that it is needed.
AFAIU, this patch deals with patch --version outputting something like
"GNU patch 2.6.1". However, on my Debian sid system, it just says "patch
2.6.1". Looking at the sources, the OpenSuse 11.4 version should also?
What does "patch --version" say on your system?

> 2) Cannot download the kernel sources.
> I noted a email about this on this mailing list. The source is back up
> now on kernel.org as 2.6.21.tar.bz2, so basically they have dropped
> the previous versions as it is now unmaintained. any plans to change
> the build? Only a nubie like me would go to mips-linx and download
> as it seems like the file :-)
Hmm, I doubt that kernel.org would drop old versions. They seem to be
still present on ftp.kernel.org, but not on www.kernel.org. However,
some of the links on www.kernel.org give a 404 as well, so I suspect
there has been some kind of oversight. I've mailed the ftpadmin and
webmaster of kernel.org about this, I'll keep you posted of the outcome.


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