[fonosfera] Tor on a Fonera 2.0n

Steven Leeman steven at leeman.be
Tue Dec 28 12:35:41 UTC 2010


today some news got released about "The Onion Router"... Also known as
TOR... : https://www.technologyreview.com/web/26981/

which has been housed now on "hardware"...it seems they chose the Buffalo
router... it also has usb (sharing), 4 lan ports (gigabit), wifi-n,
Technically it seems to have a cpu of 400mhz (
http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/buffalo/wzr-hp-g300h) just like the Fonera 2.0n
but they are using Atheros AR9132 instead of Ralink... about memory they
seem equal 32mb flash, 64mb ram/

In the past TOR has also been tested on the Fonera... but it was considered
too slow...
Now that TORdevelopers seem to find a Buffalo enough powered to support
it... perhaps they made some performance breakthroughs haven't been able to
find this out.

They are using Openwrt...so a "plugin" should be possible?
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TheOnionRouter/Torouter shows
how it is installed on command line

No idea if a recent version has been compiled for the Kamikaze (old openwrt)
for Fonera 2.0n
I guess they're using the latest openwrt (Fon Backfire)

Can't find a Luci/Subsignal package yet... so no "nice gui" yet available

*as a side note : something that isn't very clear when running a
"fon"-spot... perhaps they can use this info as well :-)*

So what should I expect if I run an exit

If you run a Tor relay that allows exit connections (such as the default
exit policy), it's probably safe to say that you will eventually hear from
somebody. Abuse complaints may come in a variety of forms. For example:

   - Somebody connects to Hotmail, and sends a ransom note to a company. The
   FBI sends you a polite email, you explain that you run a Tor relay, and they
   say "oh well" and leave you alone. [Port 80]
   - Somebody tries to get you shut down by using Tor to connect to Google
   groups and post spam to Usenet, and then sends an angry mail to your ISP
   about how you're destroying the world. [Port 80]
   - Somebody connects to an IRC network and makes a nuisance of himself.
   Your ISP gets polite mail about how your computer has been compromised;
   and/or your computer gets DDoSed. [Port 6667]
   - Somebody uses Tor to download a Vin Diesel movie, and your ISP gets a
   DMCA takedown notice. See EFF's Tor DMCA Response
   which explains why your ISP can probably ignore the notice without any
   liability. [Arbitrary ports]
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