[fonosfera] plugins with sizeable dependencies

Steven Leeman steven at leeman.be
Wed Mar 18 16:00:08 UTC 2009

Hi Iurgi,

> OpenSSL IS NOT USABLE in a 4MB flash device. It's not a library for
> embedded systems. We used other libraries...
> iurgi

Luckily the FONERA 2 specs are better than that  Flash: 8MB / Ram: 32MB
even the Fonera Classic has 8MB Flash (RAM: 16MB) ...

BTW Neorouter allready supports Openwrt & Tomato (linksys comes to
mind) routers since 20th of Januari...
No issues were reported on these distributions... let's be happy they
want to spend time on supporting FON-NG...
But if you want to scare away all interested developers...go ahead :(

Now for the constructive part :
If openssl is not suiteable... please tell me which library you'd suggest?
which one is used for Youtube...which one will you use for the
upcoming VPN support?

Googling I come up with:
libmatrixssl - an embedded SSL implementation
libssl - OpenSSL libraries used for SSL encryption.
other suggestions?


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