[fonosfera] Plugin system to add support for free downloads from premium sites?

Jorge Suárez de Lis yo at jorgesuarezdelis.name
Tue Jun 23 11:07:12 UTC 2009


I'm the author of Rapidshare Downloader, a very simplified version of
the Download Manager by Cyrus that lets you download links from
Rapidshare without needing a premium account. I've made it as a
temporary solution until we can get something better.

Thinking about modifying the Download Manager to support this, I
slightly planned a plugin system to add support to free downloads. The
main idea is that the Download Manager engine continue managing the
downloads as now does. When starting a download, it should look into
some directory for plugins presence (a LUA file for each plugin by
example). Each plugin would have:

 * A function to tell the engine if a download should be handled by
the plugin or not, or a variable containing a pattern that the
download URL should match.
 * Another one that gets the original download-site URL and parses the
website to get the real downloading URL. There are usually waiting
times on these sites that can't be tricked, so a new status "waiting
for plugin" in the original engine should be needed. Optionally, a
variable containing the waiting time in seconds could be added to the
download in the UCI system, updated periodically by the plugin itself.

What's the point with this? Why not code this directly in the Download Manager?

* These pages are subject to change without previous notification. If
the Download Manager includes code to parse and download links for
free from Rapidshare, and the parse stops working some day, as the
Download Manager is in the firmware of La Fonera 2.0, the firmware
should be updated just because Rapidshare wants it? The plugin system
should avoid this, by having only the plugin support and no plugins
installed by default. They should be installed via the Applications
menu in the WebGUI.
* There are a growing number of downloading sites, and a lot of them
are very easy to parse and add support. With the plugin system, people
could contribute by adding support for more sites and fixing broken
sites. A NULL plugin that just adds a sleep and really did nothing
could be provided as a skeleton so people could build plugins easily.
* I'm sure that neither Fon nor the downloading sites would be glad
that La Fonera 2.0 supported these parsing-and-tricking by default.
Also, people should still be enabled to downlaod with Rapidshare and
Megaupload premium accounts without the need to handle that too much:
If a plugin is present that handles that URLs, then it does. If not,
the premium account system could still be used.

I wanted to know your opinion, specially the opinion of Cyrus, the
Download Manager author. Do you think it would be a good idea? Some
suggestions for a implementation?

Jorge Suárez de Lis <yo at jorgesuarezdelis.name>

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