[fonosfera] No internet 3G via hub (so no storage)

Inouk Bourgon inouk.bourgon at fon.com
Wed Dec 16 12:10:18 UTC 2009

thanks for providing the info here, could you provide the output of 'ls 
when the dongle is connected directly to the fonera and when connected 
through hub.


jos meijer wrote:
> well, I don't mind repeating that my (not working with hub) modem is a
> Huawei E160
> I bought this one especially to complete my collection of 4 others
> because it is on the compatability list in the FON wiki.
> All others that report non-working modems allso use tbrands/types
> (mostly Huawei 220) that should be working according to that list.
> And I would gladly burn some more dollars for another hub or modem to
> solve it, but no-one seems to get it working, regardless of the
> hardware.
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