[fonosfera] 3G support fonera 2.2.5+RC5

Steven Leeman steven at leeman.be
Sun Aug 16 07:17:57 UTC 2009


personally and a few people that request support getting 3G working on their
Fonera 2
have asked if more diagnostics could be shown in the gui when in developer
mode .
When using a "supported" 3G stick and powered usb hub 3 out of 5 reboots
and/or plugins of the 3G end up in "dialing in..."
but when an wired/wirelessmyplace connection is done...with an ssh
session....and a logread we notice it never showed any action after
"startUMTS" ...

a nice working session including all AT commands and launch of the fonspot
is shown here:
but like i said 2 out of 5 tries were giving me this ...all others were
showing "dialing in" for hours...and doing nothing?

any update we might test in an upcoming rc6 or so?

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