[Development] Update: Freebox and La Fonera 2.0

Xabier Iurgi Arginzoniz Cebreiro iurgi at fon.com
Thu Nov 20 17:07:32 UTC 2008

Yes, that seems to be the same problem. The fact that you fix it with a 
static IP might not apply to all devices, since it's possible that the 
freebox won't open firewall rules to IPs not in its pool. I don't know

Steven Leeman(e)k dio:
>     We had a similar problem with some devices also with the F+: some
>     devices, specially triple play devices send DHCP Replies that are
>     BIGGER
>     than what the dhcp RFC defines as the maximum size for the reply. The
>     fonera dhcp client (udhcpc) rejects this packages. We made a patch for
>     this that was never tested.
>     Maybe we can send this binary to someone willing to test it?
> i've had this issue with the *Fonera Classic* as well on a Phillips 
> Wifi modem (1-2 lan, 3-4 IPTV; 2 fxo voip ports) which get delivered 
> by Belgacom (94% of all adsl in Belgium).... fixed it with a ...fixed 
> ip on the fonera...
> saw in the phillips modem logging (that one HAS at least logging :-) 
> it got a dhcp request & send a dhcp reply...
> it didn't go wrong at initial installation... only over time it 
> happened and never reoccured ever since i gave it a fixed ip....
> Used both it's FON_AP & MyPlace last tuesday evening successfully
> he did use the "iptv"...
> i've installed the fonera at 2 other such Philips wifi 
> modems...allways with fixed ip ever since...
> they are all 3 still "up&running" on maps.fon.com <http://maps.fon.com>

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