[Development] 1st connection: power LED is still ORANGE non-blinking, please help

Inouk Bourgon inouk.bourgon at fon.com
Mon Nov 17 11:38:30 UTC 2008

>> As a work around maybe you can deactivate the router feature of your
>> freebox, and see if it works (not sure about it)
> router activated or desactivated : same problem!
> using another dns as opendns might solve the problem or there is no
> link between my problem and dns?
> same question using a switch between the Freebox and the La Fonera??

When router feature is deactivated WAN IP of the Fonera 2.0 is given by 
DHCP or set by yourself? If DHCP try to set it please.

If it doesn't help, then try to ping the freebox from the Fonera.

I don't think its a DNS problem. You would be able to ping the gateway.
A switch will not help. A router should.

++ Inouk

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