[Development] 1st connection: power LED is still ORANGE non-blinking, please help

Inouk Bourgon inouk.bourgon at fon.com
Mon Nov 17 10:55:41 UTC 2008


Thank you for this precise report.

> One more thing: when I try to register without any Internet connection
> through the La Fonera, http://registerlafonera.fon.com/ address is
> redirected to
> http://www.fon.com/main/standaloneLogin?h=&m=xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-25
> (error http 404) and my La Fonera 2.0 beta MAC ID is  : xx :xx :xx :xx :xx :24
> (something25 in the web address vs. something24 in the MAC address)
> Does it matter?

The La Fonera has several network interface, therefore several MAC 
addresses. The one digit difference is normal. We don't use the same MAC 
for registration than the sticker's one

> Firmware Version: 2.1.0 r1 @home using DHCP on freebox v5 (same

Someone reported the same problem with a freebox v4: Fonera2 receive 
DHCP lease but is unable to access the internet. It might be a bug, 
though it doesn't seeams to affect all freebox's.

As a work around maybe you can deactivate the router feature of your 
freebox, and see if it works (not sure about it)

++ Inouk

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