[Development] Fwd: Fonera 2.1 firmware : service dyndns

Steven Leeman steven at leeman.be
Wed Nov 5 17:16:26 UTC 2008


Could you also tell us more about this Fon State Daemon?
How can we control the times a certain service is run; and what it is
running(shellscript outside of the code or is it inside the fon state daemon
...so we can adapt the script and add checks&other dynamic dns services for

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you can replace stuff, that is the idea. if the changes are cool, they will
make their way into the main tree.

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* Can the community write a plugin to "replace" existing(but limited)
functionality? or will it be shown a "services -> Fon Dyndns" AND "plugin ->
Community DynDns"; where the latter will work even if the Fonera is NOT
connected directly to the internet? (Duality)

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